29×7 Kitchen: Tips on how to create your dream kitchen!

If there is one room in our house we feel most comfortable in aside from the bedroom, it would be the kitchen. We don’t know about you, but the kitchen has always been a solitary place for us right here at 29×7 Kitchen. In this room, we can make the most filling and scrumptious dishes. 

If you want to level up how your kitchen looks but have no idea how to do it, we got some advice you can use as a future reference for your kitchen. We have collected suggestions from our design experts and they shed light on how you can make your kitchen look like a dream. Check out the list of advice below and beautify your kitchen space today. 

Go green 

The kitchen is that one space in your home where you can be bold with colours and explore different combinations. According to an interior designer on our team based here in India, mixing monochrome with varying textures and shades of colour can create a masterpiece in the kitchen. Your eyes would adjust to the range of colours, but if you want to give it a bold look without straining your eyes, we recommend a lavish use of green in your kitchen. 

Green tiles, cabinets and decorations, splash it with a little bit of white or khaki and combine it with wood accents. This will create a nature-like feel to your home without feeling overwhelming. 

Keep it clean with white 

If green is not your style, then white might work for you. The colour white in the kitchen creates a wonderful contrast with all the colourful foods you can create. Plus, it makes your kitchen look clean and white pairs with basically any colour so you can redecorate your kitchen with new accents every season to change the look! 

We recommend pairing your white kitchen with wood, brass or other textured accessories like a colourful rug or a beautiful kitchen light. You may also bring other decorative elements into your kitchen to make it feel more like home and not just some utilitarian space. 

Mix old and new 

Combining old and new in your kitchen is one way to make it look personal and rustic. What’s amazing about this is that it is not overwhelmingly new or old. There is a bit of everything in it. Moreover, you can repurpose the other appliances that you are supposed to throw away and turn them into something beautiful again! 

Choose low-maintenance tile 

When it comes to kitchens, you shouldn’t just be thinking about aesthetics and design. You should also keep in mind the durability and affordability of the product. An example of this is instead of buying real wood materials for your kitchen that might get damaged due to moisture and other elements, you should just buy a tile that resembles wood. It is easier to clean, more durable and easier to find than actual wood panels. Another recommendation we have is to switch from marble to porcelain tiles since it is cheaper. 

Make a statement with your cabinets 

The cabinets are one of the parts of your kitchen that you can be bold with. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself when designing your kitchen cabinets and give them a splash of colour that would brighten up the place. However, before you design your cabinets, you should think of what you want to do with them. Make it timeless and not just trendy! 

Hang adjustable pendants 

Having wicker pendants in your kitchen is a nice way to make your space appear cosy and quirky. It would look excellent above a wooden table, plus you can position it any way you want. Find wickers that have an odd blend for better style. 

Add a breakfast nook to your table for more style

Having a small spot where you can simply sit down and enjoy the view is important in a kitchen. It gives your cooking space a cosy indoor feel. Plus, it feels amazing to spend time during breakfast in this nook while sipping coffee and eating your freshly-prepared meals. It’s a spot that we guarantee you would love most about your house. 

Experiment with high gloss accents 

If you decide to use colours that block out light like black, then it would be perfect to find high gloss black accents for your kitchen. This gives dimension and contrast between your kitchen appliances and furniture making it appear minimalist but beautiful. 

Let your large appliances shine 

Did you know that you can use your kitchen appliances as decoration for your home? Let’s say you have a brightly coloured retro-inspired refrigerator, you can pattern the design of your kitchen with this appliance. Copy its colour and use it as the accent of your kitchen. It’s fun and it makes every single piece in your kitchen stand out. 

Designate cubbies for decor 

Not all the space in your kitchen had to be utilitarian. You can reserve some of the space for decorations and flowers to soften the look of your kitchen. Take a few spaces on your kitchen cabinet and just fill it with decorative vessels and other things to make the space look more personalised.

Mix wood tones 

Wood tones are the new fad in the design industry and it is easy to see why. Having wooden accents and furniture in your kitchen increases the natural look of the space and gives it a cosy vibe. 

Banquette seating 

Banquette seatings are certainly a favourite for interior designers. It can make the kitchen look cosy and warm. Moreover, it boosts visual interest especially if you add colourful pillows to it. You can even throw in a shelf on top to showcase your collection of kitchen wares. 

Pops of blue 

Blue is certainly not a bad colour to have in your kitchen. It especially looks good when combined with white. If you want to give your kitchen a funky look, dark blue and yellow would look excellent together. However, if blue and white are the colours of your choice, a splash of blue on your walls, rugs and decors would fit excellently with a clean and cool style. 

Cosy nook 

Just as we have mentioned before, having a nook in the kitchen is simply the stuff of dreams. All you have to do to turn this dream into reality is to throw in a few chairs, a small table and a few accent pillows in the corner of your kitchen. Enjoy scrumptious meals in this cosy space and have fun decorating the space to your preference. 

Bold seating 

With just a few bold design chairs, you can instantly brighten up your kitchen and change the way that it looks. Select a vibrant hue to truly capture the eyes of anyone who would visit your kitchen. 

To create even more of a statement, you can pair the colour of your chair with your favourite kitchen accessories. It’s a fun way to keep your kitchen looking interesting. 

Charming wood details 

Just as we have mentioned before, having wood in the kitchen makes it feel more warm and cosy. Adding a few wooden pieces of furniture to your room can create a rustic appeal to your space and elevate the look of your kitchen. What makes it even more wonderful is the fact that you can pair wood with basically any colour and it would still look good. 

Chalkboard panel 

If you want to bring a little bit of personality to your kitchen space, you can add a chalkboard panel right beside your fridge or anywhere in your kitchen where it would look good. This chalkboard is a great addition since you can use it to write down what you need for groceries or your kids can draw and get creative with it. 

Wall display 

Shelves are amazing when it comes to keeping your space organised and clutter-free. However, open shelves have an appeal of their own and give you opportunities to show off your styling skill. Plus, you can showcase what awesome wares you have in your kitchen! Think glass canisters, platters, mugs, bowls and more. 

Timeless neutrals 

Give your kitchen a warm and home-like feel when you colour it with versatile colours like Harbor Gray. Its light colour will change depending on if the light hits it just right. It’s magnificent.

Oversized lighting 

If you want to find a statement piece that would truly take your kitchen to the next level, then oversized lighting is perfect for you. Find a huge pendant that fits the colour of your kitchen and the beauty that it brings into your space. You can even give it a theme and choose local items made here in India!

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