29×7 Kitchen: Kitchen accessories you should buy!

Knives, plates and pans, are all wares and tools common not just in India but in other countries as well. But while they serve their purpose in helping you prepare your scrumptious meals, some new kitchen accessories are guaranteed to give you an easier time in the kitchen! 

Here at 29×7 Kitchen, we will introduce you to kitchen accessories that are guaranteed to make cooking a lot more exciting for you. On a practical level, these amazing new accessories can not only help you save time and effort in cooking, but they can also change the way you cook and enjoy preparing meals. 

The list below is a collection of the best kitchen tools we’ve seen in the past decade. Check it out now and level up your cooking experience! 

Changing the way you experience cooking: Kitchen tools you should have!

Give your kitchen an upgrade and experience cooking like never before with these tools right here at 29×7 Kitchen. It’s time to step up your game. See what kitchen accessories you need below: 

KitchenArt 57010 Select a spice auto-measure carousel 

Here at 29×7 Kitchen, nothing excites us more than spices and spice jars. There is simply something about spices that we can’t get enough of and that’s why this spice carousel by KitchenArt landed itself on top of our list. 

If you are someone who experiences difficulty in measuring your spices, then this product is perfect for you. It is a rotating spice rack made with a twist dial to give you precisely ¼ teaspoon of spice. What’s amazing about this is that it is easy to stack. Plus, you no longer have to deal with measuring spoons ever again. It’s a true lifesaver in the kitchen. 

Bamboo cutting board with drawers 

This is what every minimalist kitchen needs. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but also convenient when you are cutting up too much garlic, carrots, tomatoes or any food product at all since it allows you to store your cut-ups! 

This cutting board has an opening on its right side where you can swipe your freshly-cut ingredient to a container beneath the board. It is perfect if you are going to use the ingredients you have cut up again for another meal. We just can’t help but fall in love with this board. 

Kitchen Gizmo Snap’n Strain strainer 

Have difficulties straining your pasta? Here’s a gadget that would get the job done without a hitch! The Snap’n Strain strainer can be clipped on the side of your pot to guarantee that none of the food would fall on the sink while straining. What’s amazing about this strainer is that it can fit practically any pot. It’s hard to imagine cooking pasta without this product and we wouldn’t want to go back to those days of primitive straining!

Angry Mama microwave cleaner 

When was the last time you cleaned your microwave? There is something unbelievably hard about cleaning the microwave due to its many nooks and crannies. If you can relate to our microwave struggles, then this Angry Mama microwave cleaner would work wonders in your kitchen. 

No need to scrub along edges and carefully polish your microwave, with this adorable cleaner around. All you have to do is to fill the Angry Mama’s torso with water and vinegar. After that, you can put its head back on and it will release the steam inside your microwave to soften any grease or gunk from the microwave. 

Oil sprayer mister 

Are you tired of buying a can after can of nonstick cooking spray? Well, we have a solution just for you. This amazing kitchen tool can be filled with your choice of cooking oil that you can use to grease your pans, pots and baking sheets without making a mess. 

What we love about this is that it reduces waste in the kitchen. Plus, the mist coats the surface you are spraying evenly. What we appreciate even more is the fact that you can change oils. 

Herb scissor set 

If you are a little clumsy in the kitchen, cutting herbs can be a dangerous game for you. Fortunately, we have this herb scissor set that you can use to finely chop your fresh herbs like cilantro and chives. You can finally be free from the fear of having your finger get cut off. Additionally, you no longer have to worry about uneven cuts on your herbs!

Yay Labs Softshell Ice Cream ball 

Make your homemade ice cream experience a lot more fun and check out this ice cream ball by Yay Labs! For this toll to work, you need to pour all of your ice cream ingredients into the ball and give it a few hard shakes once you are done, you can enjoy a delicious soft-serve ice cream or yoghurt.

Seropy Roll Up dish drying rack 

Have problems drying your vegetables? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! It can be quite the predicament and that’s why we appreciate this new find in Seropy. No more soggy dish mats for you. Just lay out this drying rack on your kitchen sink and put your ingredients on top after a good wash. Leave it there for a few minutes and you get yourself clean, dry ingredients. You can even use this rack as a colander or trivet for your pots and pans. 

Whiskware batter mixer and dispenser 

Whisking and mixing ingredients can be messy and if there is one thing that we don’t want to have in our kitchen it is a mess. This bottle by Whiskware is the answer to all your whisking problems. All you have to do is to pour all of your ingredients into the bottle and shake it till all of them are mixed. Pop the lid of the bottle and squeeze it to pour over the mixture into the pan. When it’s time to clean, all you have to do is to fill the bottle with water and soap, shake, rinse and do it. It’s that easy! 

DASH rapid egg cooker 

If you are someone who doesn’t have enough patience when it comes to making hard-boiled eggs, then this six egg capacity electric egg cooker by DASH would be the perfect solution for you. It’s a true game-changer when it comes to cooking eggs evenly. What makes it even better is that it is small and thus allows you to save space in the kitchen. 

Digital Kitchen food scale and measuring cup

Have you ever read those recipe books that include the weight of the ingredient instead of the measurement? We all know how annoying that was and thus, we think this scale and measuring cup by Digital Kitchen is a gift from the kitchen heaven. 

This amazing tool can both measure and weigh your ingredients so you can make your meals accurately based on the recipe book! 

Ice cube tray with lid and bin 

If your refrigerator doesn’t have a built-in ice maker, it can be quite a struggle for you. If you do have an ice maker in your refrigerator, it tends to be bulky and doesn’t make much ice at all. Fortunately, a solution showed itself in the form of this product. 

The lid of this container is made of ice cube trays. Once the water you put on it is frozen, you can transfer it to the container below and scoop it up using the provided spoon.  

Fullstar Vegetable spiralizer 

We all love a good spiralizer that cuts the ingredients evenly and nothing works better than this product by Fullstar. Among all the spiralizers we’ve tried, this one is the easiest to use. It has four blade options available so you can change the cut of your food. Another thing that makes us love this spiraliser is that it can be handheld and thus, easier to carry around than most tools. 

Salad chopper bowl and strainer 

Salad lovers in India rise! This new tool is the perfect way for you to enjoy your freshly-cut salad. Instead of chopping up the ingredients individually, you can do it all in one go by putting all the ingredients in the bowl and cutting them up through the grates in the bowl. Turn the bowl over once you are done to strain the ingredients and transfer the salad into a bowl for dressing!

Hamilton Beach double breakfast sandwich maker 

Creating the perfect breakfast has never been this easy! Hamilton Beach’s double breakfast sandwich maker has multiple compartments that you can use to cook your eggs, toast and patties separately all at the same time. What we love about it is that it is dishwasher safe and thus there is no need for you to fiddle with the machine when cleaning. 

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