29×7 Kitchen: Frequently asked questions

29×7 Kitchen is a company in India dedicated to serving you with the highest quality service we can provide and bringing you a choice of premium kitchen appliances to brighten up your place. 

Here at our store, you can order appliances and kitchen wares online or visit our physical shop in India. If you have any questions, contact us at our email or phone number. You can even see our list of frequently asked questions to see the most common inquiries we receive from our customers. 

How do I check on an order I placed? 

To check the progress of your order, you need to register first on our website. Use the email you sent us in your order form along with your number to find the tab showing all your orders from us. Click the button on your most recent order and see its progress. For faster service without registration, you can call the number provided on our page. 

Do you accept international orders? 

Yes, we do accept international orders. For payments, you can use either your MasterCard or any credit card account. Once we have received your payment, that is the only time that your order will be confirmed and processed. Please take note that due to the difference in time and distance, your order might take longer than other parcels to arrive. 

Can I return or exchange an item? 

We accept returns or exchanges of items only if it is proven that the damage was caused by us. Before sending you the product, we will email you a picture of your order on all sides to show that it isn’t damaged. We also encourage our customers to properly review the products before placing an order. 

What should I do if I receive a faulty product?

Just as we have mentioned before, we will provide photo or video evidence that the product is working just as it was intended to when we sent it to you. However, if the damage is done on our part, we will coordinate with you on shipping the product back to our store and replacing it with one that works better. 

How much is the shipping fee? 

The shipping fee for our products differs depending on how far away you are from the shipping point. The fee would be decided by the carrier and you would be informed of the possible charges by our staff. 

I received an item that is different from what I ordered, what should I do? 

Send us a picture of the product that arrived and your order form. We will make arrangements to change the product once it is guaranteed that the fault is on our side. To avoid these problems, we always send video or photo evidence to our customers before we send the products.  

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